Now that summer’s in full swing, it’s the perfect time for one of our personal favorite summer activities: hanging by the fire pit. Now’s the perfect time to upgrade your patio with a brand new fire pit or fireplace. Here are some of our favorite looks to inspire you.

Radial Fire Pit

Borgert Fire pit

This classic look is well-rounded (no pun intended). Shake up a simple fire pit by adding a radial pattern with cobble pavers. Placing it in the center of your patio leaves plenty of room for entertaining.

Products featured in this look: Cobble Series™, Cobble Circle and Strassen® Wall Fire Pit by Borgert Products

Here Comes the Sun

Borgert Fireplace

Make a gorgeous fireplace even more stunning with a custom detail – we love this simple sunflower to brighten up any patio.

Products featured in this look: King Arthur by King of Hearths with Strassen® and Madera Walls by Borgert Products 

All-in-one Entertainment

borgert fireplace

Now this is a true home entertainment system! This gorgeous fireplace features convenient storage and an attached TV. This setup is a must-have for sports fans to grill out while watching the big game.

Products featured in this look: Guinever Fireplace by King of Hearths with Strassen® Wall Veneer by Borgert Products

Cook It Up

Patio Inspiration: Fireplaces - Lancelot Pizza Oven

If you love to cook, this is the perfect setup for you! This fireplace features an attached grill for easy grilling and cooking. The brick oven is perfect for making delicious pizzas and other tasty treats.

Products featured in this look: Lancelot Oven by King of Hearths with Strassen® Wall Veneer by Borgert Products

Special Space

Patio Inspiration: Fireplaces

If you’ve got the room, set your fire pit apart from the rest of your patio with a designated space. We love pairing our Cobble Series™  with a wall unit for a designated fire pit space.

Products featured in this look: Cobble Series™ and Cobble Circle by Borgert Products

Inspired by any of the looks you see here? Let’s chat. 

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