About Us- Original
About Us- Current Office

Our History

  • 1923 – Borgert Concrete Products, Inc. established by Lawrence A. Borgert and began manufacturing block and precast in East St. Cloud, MN  
  • 1953 – Kenneth J. Borgert, Lawrence’s son, takes over the business and relocated operations to its current location in St. Joseph, MN 
  • 2006 – Susan Borgert, takes over the business 
  • 2023 – TCC Materials®  acquires the manufacturing facilities of Borgert Products, Inc. and begins operating as Borgert Products LLC 

Borgert Products’ Mission

Our Mission Every Day is to be a Trusted Partner with Passionate People Creating Building Materials for a Better Tomorrow.

Borgert Granite

What’s inside matters…

Natural. Hardest. Granite… that is
what makes our products the strongest.

…just better.

Dealer Opportunities Available – Call 800.622.4952 or email at info@borgertproducts.com