Technical Information

  • All Borgert paving stones are made from a “no-slump” concrete mix utilizing quality color pigments and are compacted under extreme pressure and high-frequency vibration.
  • Borgert paving stones have a compressive strength greater than 8,000 psi, have a maximum water absorption of 5% and will meet or exceed ASTM C-936 and freeze-thaw testing per section 8 of ASTM C67.
  • Our pavers are manufactured in thicknesses of 2 3⁄8 in. (60mm), 2 3/4 in (70mm) and/or 3 1⁄8 in. (80mm). The type of application will dictate which thickness/shape(s)/pattern is best suited for a successful project.

Commercial Brochure

  • Commercial Brochure – Features architectural and commercial applications of Borgert’s products.