If you’ve browsed Pinterest or Houzz for patio inspiration, you’ve probably seen a lot of images of big, beautiful patios, with a fireplace, large grill, lounge seating and a table for 10. But what if you, like many of us, simply don’t have that kind of space? Smaller patios can still be a comfortable, lovely space to enjoy the warm months. It just may take a bit more creativity.

We’ll share some of our favorite ideas from Houzz. We’d love to see your smaller patios – share ideas and photos on our Facebook page!

small patio

Use Built-Ins

Turn a wall into a bench to add seating without taking up extra space.

Create Continuity

Using the same pavers on the patio and surrounding spaces (i.e. walkways and steps) will avoid visual disruption, making the patio appear larger than it actually is.

Add Landscape Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of a patio. Use lanterns and stakes at ground level to create ambience without taking up much space.

Scale Furniture Appropriately

If you have a long, narrow patio, choose a table with the same dimensions. You could also push the table against one wall to add space, pulling it out only when you have a larger number of dinner guests.

Consider Café Furniture

A bistro table and chairs won’t take up visual space on a patio, and is easy to fold up and put away when not in use.

Go Vertical

Add greenery without sacrificing space by choosing climbing plants and trellises.

Add Color

Brightly-colored plants, furniture and furnishings will give your patio a unique, sophisticated flair, no matter its size.


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