You’ve chosen a paver and decided on the design of your patio. Now all that’s left to do is pick a color. Easy, right? Not necessarily. Often, selecting a color blend that will partner well with the colors of your home, outdoor furniture, and other hardscape or softscape elements can be quite challenging.

Borgert is here to help! We’ve created a color selection guide that lays out the available color options for each of our premium concrete pavers, walls, step units, fireplaces and fire rings. More information is available in our resource guide and 2022 catalog. Below are tips on choosing colors for your Borgert paver patio.

See Colors in Person

Don’t choose your paver colors based solely on our website photos – that won’t allow you to get a complete and accurate assessment of the shades. Colors vary in print reproduction, so it’s important to find a Borgert certified distributor and view the pavers in person.

Understand the Blend

Our color blends consist of two or three colors. In some, one of the colors is dominant, but in others, the shades are mixed throughout. In addition, some blends contain pavers of each color as well as pavers with blended shades. For best blend results, make sure to select from multiple cubes.

Incorporate Colors into the Pattern

Our resource guide contains several pattern options and ideas. Think about how the colors and blends will factor into the design and the overall look of your patio pattern.

Ready to get started on your paver patio? Need help choosing colors that fit with your landscape design and vision? Give Borgert a call today – we can answer questions and direct you to a certified distributor or installer.

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