If you’ve ever installed interlocking concrete pavers, you may have noticed a white film or haze on the paving stones. This is called efflorescence, a naturally occurring process in any concrete. There is no need for alarm: it does not affect the structural integrity or longevity of the pavers, and it is easy to remove.

What is Efflorescence?

Technically referred to as calcium hydroxide, efflorescence is a product of several different sources. It is carried to the surface of concrete pavers by moisture. There are admixtures used in the manufacturing process to inhibit efflorescence, but there is nothing available to eliminate it. It appears randomly – any concrete can have efflorescence. But it appears more pronounced on concrete paving stones, because it can be seen more easily on colored concrete.

Efflorescence Fades Naturally

In many cases, efflorescence is naturally scoured off as the pavers are compacted during the installation process. If that doesn’t happen, it generally lessens or dissipates completely over time, due to weather and general wear.

Specialty Cleaners Will Speed Removal

For faster removal, Borgert offers cleaners that are specially made for concrete paving stones. This mildly acidic product is safe and product instructions are easy to follow. Borgert recommends that you first use the cleaner on an inconspicuous area, so you know how it works before undertaking the whole project. An important detail: there are several products on the market to remove efflorescence from pavers. Make sure that you use products made specifically for interlocking concrete pavers.

If you have any questions about efflorescence or how to remove it, get in touch.


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