Borgert’s Tom Albers Wins CMBA Award

Since 1983, CMBA has celebrated Associate Member Appreciation Month to recognize the associate member’s contributions to the building industry. Designating September as Associate Appreciation Month is just one way of providing the much-deserved visibility and recognition to our invaluable Associate members.

CMBA recognizes ONE Associate member each year for their outstanding membership service. The builders on the board of directors look at the service of many, before making this difficult choice.

Tom Albers received the 2015 Associate of the Year award at the October 9th CMBA monthly membership meeting.

For the past 17 years, Tom has worked for Borgert Products, which was established in 1923 by Lawrence A. Borgert in East St. Cloud.  In 1953 Lawrence’s son Kenneth took over the business and relocated the business to its current location in St. Joseph.  Ken’s three children acquired the company in 1989.  Tom joined the team as the first outside sales person hired in the company’s history with the primary focus of working with Architects and Engineers, and later also helped to grow their retail side of the business.  Tom conducts hands-on demonstrations for do it yourselfers and is very patient with customers in helping them select from the many different colors and shapes Borgert offers. Today he also handles distributor accounts along with support for other outside sales people.  Tom is hard working and always willing to do whatever needs to be done, which pours over into his commitment with CMBA and the HomeShow.  After years of displaying at the CMBA Homeshow, he volunteered to serve on the HomeShow committee in 2011.  After getting his feet wet, he offered to chaired the 2015 HomeShow, devoting countess volunteer hours to enhance the CMBA HomeShow.  His vision was to bring back the large landscape area, a component that was sought after and missed by the public.  Through Tom’s contacts, relationships and hard work, and the equally hard work of fellow landscapers, the 2015 HomeShow was able to feature an awesome dream scape with components that any backyard owner would love.

In addition to Tom’s professional side, he is very compassionate and involved in the community, especially with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Tom has been active in the organization since 1994 and received the Big Brother of the Year award.  Tom is also a church youth leader and Deacon at their church.  He served on the St. Cloud Volunteer Fire Department for 15 years.  He has coached Junior High Football and currently helps to coach his son’s sporting events.  He is a dedicated father and fan at diving meets, gymnastic meets, golf meets, track meets, baseball games, football games, and basketball games.

Fun fact about Tom – he can juggle, even knives and fire!  Maybe we can hire him for the HomeShow!

Tom has been married to his lovely wife Susan for 19 years and resides in Sauk Rapids with their four beautiful children, Hailee 16, Belle 14, Charlie 10, and Will 8.