Borgert Holland Priora 1
Borgert Holland Priora 2

Holland Priora®

Borgert Permeable

Benefits of PICP

  • A stormwater management solution that functions as a pavement and does not take up costly extra space
  • Reduces harmful runoff
  • Naturally filters out pollutants (nitrates, phosphorous, oil, grease, etc.) and cools the water as it infiltrates the system
  • Same durability and strength as the traditional Interlocking concrete pavements (ICP)
  • Does not frost, heave or crack
  • No ice formation on the pavement in cold climates
  • Easy to maintain the infiltration rate over time
  • LID and BMP tool

Composition and Manufacture

  • Pavers exceed industry standards: 8,000 psi – 5% absorption
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM C-936 and freeze-thaw testing per section 8 of ASTM C-67.
  • Manufactured with type A aggregates
  • Associated with a range of LEED credits
  • ADA Compliant

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Permeable pavement requires maintenance.