Why Borgert Is Better

Granite is a quality mineral that is only found in a limited number of locations in the world. At Borgert Products, we take advantage of the best aggregates and are the only manufacturer of paving stones in the Midwest that uses granite in our pavers.

We use granite because it is one of the hardest aggregates and is extremely resistant to weathering. Borgert’s paving stones offer the advantages of granite – exceptional strength, durability and long-lasting beauty. Look inside any one of Borgert’s pavers and you will see why we are better.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Borgert pavers exceed the ASTM Test Requirements for Interlocking Concrete Paving Stone, assuring you optimal value.

ASTM Requirements Borgert’s Test Results

NOTE: Out of 3 pavers no individual paver can be less than 7,200 psi and no individual paver over 7% absorption. Test results are an average of 3 units. For more detailed information, see the following:

8,000 psi
5% absorbtion
13,000 psi
2.5% absorbtion